About Us.

Luxury modern bathroom with a young couple in the bathtub hugging each other by Studium Dekor.

We're all made of stories.

How it all began.

In 2019, Danielle Queiroz, the Interior Designer and founder of Studium Dekor was approached by a close friend who needed a luxury modern bathroom on a budget.

To stay on budget, she couldn’t use her usual suppliers and, instead, had to source products from various online retailers and local outlet stores selling thousands of similar products.

The Aha moment.

While going through hundreds of tiles to match a specific design, Danielle had an “aha” moment. She realized that unless a homeowner hires an interior designer or architect, they have to go through an overwhelming and daunting journey to build their dream bathroom, not knowing exactly what to do and relying perhaps only on a contractor for expert advice.

Over the next few months, armed with relentless curiosity, she launched a marketing campaign offering homeowners new bathrooms designed by style and budget. The campaign’s success inspired her to create a solution that gives everyone access to dreamy, Pinterest-worthy bathrooms without hefty design fees.

"Every great design begins with an even better story".

- Lorinda Mamo, designer.

Our Mission

Designer bathrooms for all.

Once reserved for the rich and famous, dream bathrooms are now yours to create!
Driven by creativity and passion, our mission is to use design and technology to empower people to love, enjoy, and be proud of the spaces they live in.

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