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The Burning Questions.

  • 01.
    What exactly does Studium Dekor do?

    We curate and design all-inclusive bathroom projects, sortable by style and budget, and customizable to fit bathrooms of any shape or size. We also provide custom design services for those projects that requires multiple layout alterations and special products specifications.

  • 02.
    Every bathroom is different, so how can you customize your designs to fit my real bathroom space?

    All the products we use in our collections (including vanity units, bathtubs, shower doors, etc.) come in multiple sizes and dimensions, allowing us to adapt any of our designs to your real bathroom space. And if a specific product does not come in the exact size that your project requires, we’ll find a substitute – of the same quality and in the same price range – to incorporate into your design.

  • 03.
    How much will my bathroom cost?

    Our bathroom packages consist of products only and do not include installation. Therefore, we cannot offer you a true final cost for your project. However, when you select a package from our collection you can expect to pay exactly what we quote. Product upgrades or substitutions, if you request them, may change the final price of your shopping list.

  • 04.
    In addition to materials and blueprints, do you also offer installation services?

    No. We can customize any bathroom package from our collection to fit your real bathroom space, but we ARE NOT involved with installation. We’ll craft custom blueprints, including elevation measurements, lighting layout, and all other info required for your builder’s reference, and we will be on stand-by if you or your builder need any assistance. Just remember, installation costs are not included in our package – those are between you and the contractor of your choice.

  • 05.
    Can I incorporate a product(s) that I’ve already bought into my project?

    Yes. You can replace up to five of our products with products that you’ve already purchased from other companies. Just share the product details with your bathroom planner, and we’ll add them to your blueprints accordingly.

  • 06.
    Can you create a totally custom/exclusive project just for my bathroom?

    Yes. We provide custom design services that are ideal for bathrooms requiring layout and plumbing alterations, along with specifications of customised products. You can learn more about it on our website’s “How it works” session.

  • 07.
    Would I be able to request custom-made products?

    Not yet. For now, we are only able to use products available in standard dimensions and with pre-determined designs.

  • 08.
    My bathroom has an atypical shape – can you still customize it?

    We can customize any bathroom, whatever the shape or size. From petit apartments to cloakrooms to multiple-family bathrooms to commercial and hospitality bathrooms (e.g., at bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.), when it comes to bathrooms, there isn’t anything we can’t work with.

  • 09.
    Do you offer a variety of layout options?

    Multiple layout alterations are available for custom design services. If you choose one of our packages from our collection, we’ll use your existing floor plan without alterations.

  • 10.
    What if, during the installation, I find that a particular product cannot be installed for some technical reason?

    In some cases, technical issues are only detected once a builder/contractor removes existing bathroom components. If that does occur, please contact our Customer Service at for assistance; we’ll work to find a viable solution for you and your space.

  • 11.
    Do you offer financing services?

    Yes, we provide financing alternatives in partnership with Synchrony Financial Services.

  • 12.
    Why should I use Studium Dekor?

    We offer you convenience, world-class design, and certainty of outcome. A typical bathroom remodelling project requires sourcing, selecting, and buying 25+ different products from multiple sources – both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. We take this overwhelming, complex process off your hands. We source and curate all products ourselves and develop beautiful collections by style and budget; right away, you’ll know exactly how your bathroom will look, and there will be zero guesswork, or legwork, on your part.

  • 13.
    What if I like items from different packages? Can I select individual elements from multiple projects to create something unique for me?

    Yes, you can. You can mention this in your project briefing and also discuss this during the consultation with your dedicated bathroom planner. We’ll take your considerations to the design team and ensure all elements mesh well, giving you the exact design result that you’re looking for.

  • 14.
    How long does it take to complete a bathroom design service?

    The customization of any packages from our collection into your real bathroom space can take up to two weeks. The custom design service requires more time and it can take up to four weeks.

Getting Started With Your Free Quote.

  • 01.
    What information do I have to provide to work with Studium Dekor?

    We’ll need your bathroom’s general dimensions as well as some photographs.

  • 02.
    Beyond the measurements, do I have to send any plumbing info?

    No. Through the photos you send, we’ll have a solid idea of your plumbing location and we will work off of that information. If you wish to make layout changes that may affect your plumbing, please make sure you add this information to your project briefing when you request your free quote.

  • 03.
    If I make a mistake entering my bathroom details, can I fix it?

    Of course! Just reach out to your dedicated bathroom planner, and she/he will assist you.

Fine-Tuning Your Project With 3D Visuals.

  • 01.
    How long does the planning/customization of my project take?

    Usually, seven days; however, this time might vary depending on your response time if and when we request further information from you.

  • 02.
    What if I change my mind after I paid the $500 deposit fee? Is the $500 refundable?

    No. If you change your mind and do not buy your final project shopping list through us, your deposit will cover the time that our team spent working on customizing your project. However, your deposit will be valid for six months, and you can resume the same project at any time during that time frame.

  • 03.
    How many rounds of amendments can we make on each project?

    We do not limit the number of amendments you are allowed to make to your project; we’ll work on refining your project until it’s exactly what you dreamed of.

  • 04.
    How many project renderings will I get?

    Once all details are buttoned up, you’ll receive three 3D renderings of your project.

  • 05.
    What if my contractor says that a particular detail or product of the project cannot be implemented?

    As soon as you decide to go ahead with us and make your $500 deposit, it’s a good idea to share our plan with your contractor. They should be able to verify your bathroom dimensions and point out any on-the-ground quirks that may affect your bathroom plan. Working closely with you and your contractor, our team will make any necessary changes before developing your final design.

  • 06.
    Can I incorporate a product that I have already bought into my project?

    Yes. You can replace up to three of our products with others that you have already purchased or are intending to purchase. Just share the product details with your bathroom planner, and we’ll add them to your blueprints accordingly.

  • 07.
    What if I like items from different packages? Can I select individual elements from multiple projects to create something unique for me?

    Yes, you can. You can mention this in your project briefing and also discuss this during the consultation with your dedicated bathroom planner. We’ll take your considerations to the design team and ensure all elements mesh well, giving you the exact design result that you’re looking for.

  • 08.
    What if I want a product with a different technical specification than the one listed on your website?

    We have access to thousands of products from major brands, so if you are looking to incorporate a specific product into your project (except custom furniture), you can discuss this with your dedicated bathroom planner, who will work closely with you to find the best possible solution.

  • 09.
    What product brands do you use?

    We work with the most trusted and reliable suppliers from the US, including Delta, Kohler, Moeen, and more. These companies offer warranties that range from 5 years to “lifetime” in length. Note that we do not display every single product we use on our website. If you have specific material or product you’d like to use but don’t see it as being available, feel free to ask your bathroom planner about it – they will be more than happy to assist.

  • 10.
    How long is my quote valid?

    Your quote is valid for seven days from the day we submit it to you.

Payment and Logistics.

  • 01.
    Do you provide a warranty on the products specified in your bathroom collections?

    We do not provide special product warranties. All items specified in the Bathroom Collection on our website are subject to the warranties of their individual manufacturers.

    However, we will remain as your main point of contact between you and your products’ manufacturers via our continuous Customer Service (even after the completion of your project).

    If any product issues come up, email us at We work closely with each of our suppliers and will be able to quickly resolve any issues on your behalf.

Shipment and Delivery.

  • 01.
    How will I be notified of my project shopping list’s shipment status?

    Our Customer Service Team will keep you updated on delivery progress via text and email.

  • 02.
    It looks like one or more items on my project Shopping List have a long lead time. Can we speed things up?

    Usually, the vast majority of items on your list will be in stock and can be dispatched in just 3 to 5 working days. If it is the case that some of your items have long lead times, we’ll advise you before you place the order to make sure it will not have an impact on your renovation schedule. If a product has too long of a lead time for you, we’ll arrange for a replacement.

  • 03.
    Can I book a specific time slot to receive my bulky delivery?

    We’ll make an effort to deliver your goods in accordance with your schedule as best as possible; however, some aspects of delivery might be beyond our control and timing cannot be fully guaranteed.

  • 04.
    Can I split my order into multiple deliveries?

    You can split your delivery in most cases, however, this will often incur extra delivery charges.

    Please contact for further assistance.

  • 05.
    I have specific delivery requirements. Can my special requests be accommodated?

    Special requirements, such as extra packaging, can be accommodated; however, they may incur extra charges. Please contact for further assistance.

  • 06.
    How long can you hold my items?

    We hold your stock until your package is completed and ready for send-off. Once your package is complete, we will ship it to you within 24 hours; if you require further storage after this period, a storage fee will be charged.

  • 07.
    How long will it take to get my full order delivered?

    It all depends on your specific package, but about seven days is the norm; our team will keep you up to speed with the progress of your delivery throughout the whole process.

  • 08.
    What should I do if my items arrive with incorrect or missing parts?

    Once you receive your package, you will have 48 hours to report any missing or faulty items, so if you notice anything unusual, please contact our customer service at as soon as possible.

  • 09.
    Can I return, exchange, or get a refund for an item bought from Studium Dekor by sending it directly to the manufacturer?

    No. Any returns must be facilitated through our Customer Service team to ensure a fast and smooth return process. Please reach out to with your return request and our team will be happy to assist.

  • 10.
    How do I return an item?

    Returns can be made with our prior consent. You can request permission to return products at

    All products to be returned must be in new and resalable condition, subject to inspection and verification by Seller and/or the manufacturer. Non-stock products, including non-standard and/or special orders shipped or held for future delivery, may be returned if, and only if, the manufacturer issues a return authorization. Any material returned may be subject to restocking/handling and freight charges.

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